Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The Spices

 In many of my recipes, two spices may be difficult to find. Here are their descriptions and substitutes.
 The first one is the Mexican meat spice. Let's call it the Yucatican allspice (I don't even know its name, and my husband says it's called 'the spice'. Thanks V. that's very helpful.) It has olive green color, and it can be found in a mexican- preferably Yucatican- grocery store. We know for sure it has some cumin in it, but definitely other stuff too.
 The other one is the Lebanese allspice, or what they call the seven spice (so I guess it has seven spices- some of them are: cinnamon, nutmeg, cinnamon oil, cloves, juniper, ginger, white pepper- did I just count seven?) It can be found in any Mediterranean market.
 In either case, if you do not have a local Mexican or Mediterranean market, or if you simply don't feel like visiting one more store to  get the ingredients of your meal, then substitute with the American poultry spice (it tastes different, but until you have the right spices, I guess you won't be able to tell the difference.)

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