Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Hala's Party Food

 It's known that it takes three years for the "falling in love" chemicals to disappear from the brain, and for the settling in chemicals (aka the no butterflies in the stomach, excitement, or joy chemicals) to kick in. When that happens, we get to see the real person whom we married.
 After three years of our marriage- let's pretend that I wasn't surprised by this fact and that we didn't have any fights at all- that happened to us. So I got to know my husband, minus the butterflies. He's O.K... But... He is much more introverted than I thought he was. Almost like the complete opposite of me. 
 Now what that means, is that on daily basis, I am mostly quiet. Obviously, this is in sharp contrast with my nature. The solution: invite your extraverted friends, and have a party (exclusively extraverted)!

 I compiled some party food photos from Hala's Cuisine. Here's the small bites list:

  • grapes and cheese
  • cream cheese and smoked salmon on water crackers
  • smoked salmon salad (lettuce, lemon, salt, black pepper, and smoked salmon)
  • mozzarella, basil, basil pesto, cherry tomato salad
  • grape tomatoes and cheese
  • little deli sandwiches
  • goat cheese and raspberry jam
  •  pizza!
  • deli meats and cheeses (Zingerman's Deli is my favorite)
  • bread and butter
  • white and milk chocolate covered strawberries
  • carrots with lemon juice and a dash of cumin
  • cookies!
  • steamed veggies, with a taste of butter and sea salt
  •  an easy chicken dish (recipe later)
  • rotini pasta! (recipe later, but any of your favorite sauces will work)

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