Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Mexican vs Lebanese Food

I always find myself having this conversation with my husband, so I decided it's time to document it.

Me (while preparing a Lebanese dish): You know, Lebanese food is healthy. I love Lebanese food.

Husband: (nothing, continues doing what he's doing.)

Me: I know why it's so healthy, because we barely do anything to it.

Husband: (nothing, continues doing what he's doing.)

Me: It's really unprocessed, and we only use olive oil. Not any olive oil, extra virgin cold pressed olive oil. You know, in my family, we used to have a little land with olive trees. We used to pick our own olives, and make our own olive oil. Oh V.! It was definitely the best olive oil.

Husband: That's great (and continues doing what he's doing.)

Me: The smell of newly pressed olive oil used to fill our whole building, for days. And it (the oil) doesn't get its clear color until at least 3 months. Before that, it's dusty and it tastes spicy.

Husband: (nothing, continues doing what he's doing.)

Me: Yeah, Lebanese food is very simplistic, I think that's why it's so tasty. Mexican food is of course tasty, probably it's second to Lebanese food- of course for you it ranks first- but for me, it even competes with Lebanese food, especially the Yucatican food.

Husband: (nothing, continues doing what he's doing.)

Me: But even though it's super tasty, it's not as healthy as Lebanese food. You know, look at Lebanese people, they are mostly slim.

Husband: yeah (and continues doing what he's doing.)

Me: I think all Mediterranean food is healthy. It must be the olive oil. And fresh vegetables in all of our food.

Husband: (nothing, continues doing what he's doing.)

And then, I find myself wondering: what if, the next scene is 20 years from now, and I am very fat, and my husband is very fit, as he's always been, even though am all about Lebanese food, and he's all about Mexican food. That's dreadful.

Me: I will hit the treadmill for 30 mins. Would you mind checking on the food.

Husband: Yeah.


  1. LOL this reminds me so much of G!

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