Friday, November 23, 2012

It's Thanksgiving..

Candles at Karen's favorite holiday in the U.S.!
 This year, I and Sary spent our Thanksgiving at our friend Karen's  house (thanks Karen for the last minute invitation, it was wonderful), and V. spent it with his soccer mates.
 The hard thing about not settling down in one place is that we always know we'll be leaving, soon. It becomes hard to invest in having a life, and getting to know people, especially with a young child.
 I've been here for two years, completely occupied with my family and work. I was busy, and very satisfied with only having two close friends. I barely know anyone in this town. My idea was to postpone 'my real life' until we settle down. What I didn't realize is that I was missing out on so much great stuff and so many amazing people, right here where we are.

Yesterday, at the dinner table, it was time for each of us to say what we're thankful for. I think that when someone asks us what we're thankful for, usually, the first thing that comes to our minds is what we are truly and deeply thankful for.

I am thankful for Sary.
I am thankful that even though we're very far from our countries and our families and friends- and that is very hard, we still meet great strangers who welcome us to their houses, and they become our new acquaintances, friends, and bigger families.

Sometimes, all we have to do, is to leave our doors open.

Food's cooking. I told Karen I'll make her kitchen mess look nice in the photo.
Sanelma making the best pumpkin pie ever, right from
a fresh pumpkin!
Karen's so excited about her amazing turkey after 7 hours.

Dinner, finally!

Karen's Finnish Rye Bread   

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